Seeds of Light (41-50)
Autor: Marin Mihalache  |  Album: SEEDS OF LIGHT  |  Tematica: Consolidare spirituala
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Seeds of Light (41-50)

February 21,2020

41. We do not have another choice, but to live with our own selves. Those who live outside God cannot live well within their own being also, cannot be themselves. Only living in God one can be or become himself.

42. We want or not, once born, we are part of the great drama of life. Depends on us on how we play our role. God is watching.

43. We are running with the flow of life. Only a few types of creatures are running against the undercurrents of the river, and those creatures have a reason and a purpose to do that. Why are we running against the flow of the spirit?

44. If there is a small candle of light, as long as it is, all the darkness in the universe cannot overcome that light. Light always overcomes darkness, even if that flame is small, like a seed of mustard.

45. A vessel turned upside down will never be full regardless how much rain is pouring from above. We need to be vessels opened up and turned in the direction from where the rain of the spirit is coming to be filled.

46. The beginning and the end of human wisdom is to learn to live gracefully. To let God’s grace flow through our hearts.

47. Harming others, we may harm ourselves. Withholding good from others may mean withholding good from ourselves.

48. The soul is that inner experience we call our life. Many people, unfortunately, live as they do not have souls.

49. The spirit is that inner experience we call our life of which we are becoming aware, but which ultimately transcends our understanding.

50. The Holy Spirit is the Giver of Life and the truth which is present everywhere, including within us. Even if we do not want, do not realize, and do not recognize this truth. It is, however, our loss to miss such ineffable and glorious presence within us.



”Only living in God one can be or become himself. ” Aleluia! It is a glorious difference between the saints, but the evil ones are their father.
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