Seeds of Light (21-30)
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January 31,2020

Seeds of Light (21-30)

21. The more Godlike or Christlike our life of prayer and faith are the more graceful and saving power we may experience. A prayer is its own answer. If our prayers are not in earnest, are not in the spirit of God, our lives will be the same, such as our prayers or worse.

22. Prayer is the greatest faculty of human mind and soul; it enables us to communicate with the invisible, with the divine, to be connected to the source of all that is good and worthy for our lives in this world and thereafter.

23. Faith is not always or necessarily only an assent to some mystical, transcendental, or religious creed or intellectual concepts. Faith as self-confidence means trust that good things can be achieved and accomplished in the name and with the help of God.

24. Hopeless fear is the belief that the forces of evil are more powerful than the forces of good. It can be the necessary spiritual warning we need to be ready to conquer our own limitations and outside adversities. First to conquer, however, as it was said, is the fear itself which has inculcated itself within the depths of our own minds and hearts.

25. For good or worse, in time of crisis we may feel that it is the time when we should divorce the human race, our follow human beings, altogether. It is why some humans at all times sought higher grounds of irreligious hope. Perhaps, this may be a socially accepted form of wishful thinking due to either scarcity of faith or abundance of despair, or rather both.

26. If all great advances in science and technology are not accompanied on the same plain level and degree by advances in spirituality and ethics, willingly or unwillingly, by error or hubris, we may end up in destroying ourselves as species with the same tools which have brought prosperity, comfort and confidence to humankind. The ultimate question would then remain what type of beasts, insects or viruses will inherit the earth.

27. Meaningful silence may be only that deceiving medium a mystically inclined person may find when his mind invisible and intangible, like a ghost, travels to find that reality which cannot be described because is beyond the reach of human senses or rational faculties. But without a wise and holy guiding principle, without a good spiritual map one may not find himself on the path towards the true peace of God which transcends any understanding.

28. Our bodies are like the racket busters. They are helping us to overcome the forces of gravitation until we reach a certain altitude, until we reach another status of consciousness. After that, the bodies become a burden and are discarded, released to return to the earth from where they came from. We may then continue our existence and flight towards another world where the spirit finds another form which fits that new environment, to that new life.

29. Our real life, our destiny indeed hides in the seed of our consciousness. What we put there, like in a secret safe, will come out at one time or another, revealing who we really are. If we input evil thoughts we will reap evil, if we input good thoughts, they will germinate good fruits, beautiful, heavenly flowers.

30. As a matter of fact, only few of us will find their God on the road to Damascus. Most of us still need to find Him the hard way by will, work and especially by faith.




„f our prayers are not in earnest, are not in the spirit of God, our lives will be the same, such as our prayers or worse. ” It is a great truth! Our lives will be worse then our prayers, I am sure.....
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