Seeds of Light (31-40)
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Seeds of Light (31-40)

February 9,2020

31. The highest stage in his evolution is when man grows spiritually to such a degree in as much as to become able to recognize and acknowledge his Creator. What distinguishes man from the other creatures is this higher spiritual awareness. In this process, man is not controlled or forced into obedience by the almighty God, but rather God is bestowing on man freedom to choose what is good for himself, to understand that only in cooperation with God’s grace can man see the light of his own good. Man is perhaps apparently let alone from time to time by God to learn and discover for himself through the spirit of God who is living in man, and everywhere, the way for a true life.

32. Most of our life we are on the road, so to speak. We do not have time to meditate, to reflect, to pray, because we are very busy with our own plans to run and to arrive somewhere in life, and most of the time we do not know where. But we are sometimes, always, somewhere outside ourselves. Being outside ourselves, in most situations mean a lot of mental noise. Real pollution of noise and nonsense. We are daily bombarded with sounds foreign and useless to us and thus we cannot hear the cry of our own souls within us. And for this reason, probably, there is no peace in our flesh or in our minds. Meditation and contemplation of God seem like walking out of the outside, habitual world and entering our own world. We are rushing to finish the race, though we know that at the end the physical death is awaiting us. Could we afford to waste the precious, limited time given to us as a gift by God at least not knowing who we are, where we are, where we go, how to find our true self?

33. We are despondent because we do not know how to forgive ourselves and others in the name of God. We want to dwell in a dead past for which there is no hope. The sooner we realize that all our hope resides in the future, in God’s promise, in eschatology, the sooner we actually become at peace with ourselves and with God.

34. God does not pick up only some to answer their prayers. God makes the sun to rise evenly over the just and unjust ones. We need, however, to pull ourselves from the shadows and to embrace His rays of divine glory.

35. What is now metaphysical, tomorrow may be plainly physical, what is now supernatural, tomorrow may be natural. God manifests his presence from glory to glory in order to allow us to catch up with his wisdom.

36. So many unhappy moments are created in our lives by aberrant emotions, idle and toxic thoughts which pop up in our minds uninvited. But perhaps these uninvited guests are sent to remind us that we have forgotten to clean up our souls and minds’ houses.

37. Without true love cannot be true knowledge of God.

38. To realize the divine presence within us is to recognize our own true identity. No one walks the life’s journey alone. There is an “alter ego”, a shadow, a presence within us who are showing us the path of salvation. The more we recognize this divine presence, the more enlightened and happy is our spiritual journey.

39. The more we know ourselves in truth the more we know God. Chances are that we may never see God in His fullness, other than God which is already within us by grace. But this is sufficient for a human being. God who is in us is actually the same God who created heaven and earth. It is our own limitations and sin that prevent us to see the fullness of His glory.

40. As long as we are dominated by the outside world we will feel feeble, miserable, hopeless, and destitute like it is the outside world itself without God.

It is wonderful to know God indeed and that is the eternal life: to be known by Christ Himself.
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