Seeds of Light (1-10)
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 January 1,2020

1. “Pilate said unto him, What is truth?” Indeed, we do not know what the truth is until we know Who is The Truth, our True God. Is Jesus or Pilate?

2. But what is truth? This is the question. Will God allow us some time to find out?

3. We need a firm attitude and conviction to become spiritually free, but also we need the necessary skills to be able to get out from the prison of our own mental limitations. Like a bird that stays too long in a cage, once she is free, many times she returns to her own habitat, in the false security of her cage. She is unaware of the possibilities which are outside her own small world. Or like an elephant from the circus which has learned from young age to do certain things one way only. Thus, a small piece of string is enough to keep the elephant in one place. He could certainly break that string and be free. Physically, he is powerful enough to do that. But mentally he is trained to obey the rules and taboos imprinted and embedded in his subconscious. And that is enough to keep him enslaved to a certain routine.

 4. While God is Essence, we are the energies emanating from that Essence. Like the sun and its rays. The source of the sun’s rays is the sun itself. We would burn and melt at the sun’s temperature like in an oven. But at a certain distance, the energy emanating from the sun makes life possible. We are not of pure essence, and we cannot be as long as we live in the sensible substance of the body. While we are carrying the material burden of our form, we may not be able to sustain the same degree of power and purity as the ultimate Essence. We are struggling towards that, and each of us may succeed within his own possibilities given with the blueprint of genetics and under the conditions of the environment we live in. We may grow spiritually from “glory to glory”, but we are not there yet.

 5. Our intellectual understanding is only a part of the cognitive experience. The faith is much deeper, true to ourselves and yet mysterious.

 6. We are searching for God everywhere except within ourselves. That is perhaps why we are not finding Him.

7. There should be some synergy, or cooperation between God’s grace and the human will. We have to do our part even if that is one percent of the whole of that joint venture.

 8. It happens to everyone to sometimes travel through dry spiritual wilderness. And at that time we cannot see what is behind the mountain of unknown stacked in front of us. We probably need a spiritual guide, attitude, intention and motivation to go ahead, as far as we can, to see the promise land. Especially, since the promise land can be seen only from the peak of that mountain.

9. We need that inner dryness, that burning desire and cautionary longing for the living water coming from the depths of our being. Otherwise, the shortage of water in the wilderness will kill us.

10. What is the man without a spirit? Flesh and dry bones?

Foarte frumos și clar! Comparația cu elefantul, cu dependența lui mentală, am mai citit-o, dar, în rest e o sinteză ordonată, plină de originalitate și putere. Ați putea să postați aici și varianta în română, pentru cei ce nu cunosc limba engleză. Felicitări!
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