Seeds of Light (11-20)
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Seeds of Light (11-20)

January 12,2020

  11. Resurrection greetings: May your spiritual life arise from glory to glory!

  12. God, religion, life, all should be spiritual. Otherwise, why bother?

  13. God does not respond better to some, but some of us answer better to God, through their own prayers.

  14. We may deny or misunderstand a dogmatic concept about God. We cannot, however, deny His presence, intelligence or power. Out of nothingness he created this incomprehensible universe. We need at least to give Him some credit for this.

  15. Blessed are the pure in spirit, meaning the simple, the humble ones. The arrogant ones are so full of themselves that they cannot see anyone but themselves; they cannot see anyone and anything else. Especially, God.

  16. Paradoxes of our time: the more knowledge, the less judgment; the more experts, the more problems; the more computers the less meaningful communication.

  17. We are born in time inheriting the limitations and the taboos of the humans and culture. This given, “apriori” limitation is hypnotic and subjugating. It controls the functions of our mind unless we experience a spiritual awakening. Most of us, however, live under the spell of this mesmerizing possession without even realizing. We adopt it like our second nature.

  18. From time to time we need to cleanse our minds. A burden of dusty and dirty thoughts, ideas, images, a useless surplus of junk can clog and slow down the processing in our brains. We cannot then explore new ideas or properly concentrate on the good ones. We need to be fit mentally too, to keep in good shape spiritually, man.

  19. The world is a waste recycling bin where the fire of the spirit is burning and remodeling unfinished and defective forms to create new forms of existence, thus manifesting God’s divine ingenuity and creativity.

  20. A drop of water, simple as it is, does not disappear into the nothingness. It may evaporate for a while, may return in the clouds, may become part of another medium, but it is not annihilated. The same should be with man. Is man less worth than a drop of water? If not, after death he may become something else. The problem is not that we will disappear forever, but that we may not anymore know anything of our true identity, that we may not remember ourselves. But if there is a drop of grace of the holy spirit within us that spirit will remind us who we are, will open for us an inner path to find ourselves, not to be lost forever.




Super-spiritually! I ate all, and I enjoyed especially no.13!
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