I Know
Autor: Charles W. Naylor  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. I know on Whom my faith is fixed,
I know in Whom I trust;
I know that Christ abides in me,
And all His ways are just.

R: I know on whom my faith is fixed,
His mercy has set me free;
I know that He will safely keep,
And His love is sweet to me.

2. Let scoffers scoff, let scorners sneer,
My heart is full of peace;
They cannot take the joy I feel,
Nor make my hope to cease.

3. They cannot quench the fire of love,
That burns within my breast;
Nor break that tender fellowship
That makes my life so blest.

4. They cannot bring again the sins,
The blood has washed away;
Nor make my heart like stone once more,
Nor turn to night my day.

5. I know God is, I know His Word
Unfailing meets each test;
I calmly face a hostile world
With soul and mind at rest.

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