Autor: Charles W. Naylor  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 13/08/2007
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1. As I come, O Savior, pleading
That my soul thou shouldst restore,
All I have I now am bringing,
Thine to be forevermore.

R: Thou hast said Thou wouldst receive me,
Nor my earnest plea deny;
Now I know I am accepted,
On Thy promise I rely.

2. I have done what Thou hast taught me,
From the world have turned aside;
Let me be a holy temple,
Where Thy presence may abide.

3. I am hoping in Thy mercy,
Not in that which I can do;
And I know Thou failest never,
To my soul Thou wilt be true.

4. Not a thing am I withholding,
All is on the altar laid;
Now I claim Thy promise boldly,
And no longer am afraid.

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