After death the judgment
Autor: Charles W. Naylor  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 13/08/2007
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1. Stop, sinner, on your sinful way,
And heed the warning voice today;
Oh, come to Jesus while you may,
For after death the judgment.

R: After death the judgment,
After death the judgment;
After death the judgment,
Oh, will you be prepared?

2. Oh, reason, sinner, will it pay
To cast your only hope away,
And on in sinful darkness stray,
When after death the judgment?

3. Oh, think, what will the profit be,
If you should all earth’s pleasures see,
And lose your soul eternally,
When Jesus comes in judgment.

4. The end of time draws on apace,
And your poor soul, devoid of grace,
The awful wrath of God must face,
When Jesus comes in judgment.

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