I Rest on His Unbroken Promise
Autor: Charles W. Naylor  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 25/10/2007
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1. The promise true, which God hath spoken,
Can never pass away,
But always will abide unbroken,
Just as it is today.

R: I can, I will, I do believe,
Within my heart I now receive;
The promise sure was made for me,
Through faith I have the victory.

2. I come to Thee, O Lord, obeying
What Thou commandest me;
Oh, hear the prayer my heart is praying,
And let it answered be.

3. I will not question any longer,
But count the vict’ry won;
My faith this moment, growing stronger,
Proclaims the work is done.

4. ’Tis done, and on Thy word I’m resting,
Content Thy will to do,
No longer doubting Thee nor testing—
I know that Thou art true.

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