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He Wants His Way in Thee
Autor: Charles W. Naylor  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Resursa adaugata de Aleee in 05/10/2007
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1. God has sent the Holy Spirit
To our hearts an honored guest,
To deliver us from evil,
And to bring us peace and rest;
He has come to work within us
Heaven’s purposes so blest:
He wants His way in thee.

R: Yield unto the Holy Spirit,
Let Him have His way in thee;
Be thou ready to obey Him,
He leads to victory.

2. Let the Spirit do the planning,
Point the way thy feet shall go;
Greater than thine own His wisdom,
He the will of God doth know;
Better, wiser than thy choosing
Is the way that He will show:
He wants His way in thee.

3. He doth sometimes work in silence,
When thou dost not know at all;
He doth sometimes speak so softly
Thou must listen for His call;
But if thou wilt trust Him fully,
He will be thine all in all:
He wants His way in thee.

4. All thyself to Him surrender,
As He pleases let Him do;
In the paths He leadeth, follow,
Whether they be old or new;
When the tasks seem hard before thee,
He with power will endue:
He wants His way in thee.

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