You're loved tonight
Autor: Randy Stonehill  |  Album: Love Beyond Reason  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. It's the fear of silence
That gives us away
'Cause when we're alone
We have to hear
What our aching hearts try to say

And we've been walking
In dead men's shoes
Now there's only one saving grace
And we're given the power to choose

R: Whoever you are
I hope you'll be alright
I hope you'll let the good Lord
Fight your fights
No matter what you hear
Whispered in your ear
Just remember that you're
loved tonight
Loved tonight

2. We keep our distance
We state our case
We keep telling ourselves
That we're anything else
But a fallen and renegade race

So we keep running
Watching our sin take its course
While the life that we long for
Is holy by nature
And we must return to its source

C: Everywhere you go
There are signs to show you
Trying to let you know
You're loved tonight
Someone's waiting
Watching over you
Watching over you

3. We're restless spirits
We've lost our way
But until we confess
That we dwell in the darkness
We'll never catch sight of day

It's the fear of silence
That puts us to shame
It's like we know in our souls
If we shut off the music
The wind would be crying His name

I: Background vocals: Táta, Bryan,
and Randy
all other voices: Randy Stonehill

Written and composed by Randy Stonehill
© 1985 Word Music (a division of Word,
Inc.) and Stonehillian Music (ASCAP)
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