Cross that line
Autor: Randy Stonehill  |  Album: Love Beyond Reason  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. Out in the danger zone
Hearts are all alone and loves denied
If truth has set you free
Can you watch safely from the
other side
Now it's up to you
And there's something you must do

R: Cross that line
Tell me what are you waiting for?
You say you want a sign
Man, you don't need any more

2. Go tell the hurting ones
The King of Hope has come to hear
their prayers
And as He lives through us
The human touch will let them know
He cares
Don't back down
Reach out
That's what faith is all about

Step by step your fears will fall behind
But first you gotta cross that line

3. You can know a life that's full
If you'll just live it
You can taste the fruit of love
If you'll just give it
You only rob yourself by stalling
There's a world outside
And the Master's calling you
Calling you to cross that line
What are you gonna do now?
You're running out of time

Claim your place within His
grand design
Comes on, cross that line

I: background vocals: Tonio K. and Randy
additional guitar: Mark Heard

Written and composed by Randy Stonehill
and Tom Howard
© 1985 Word Music (a division of Word,
Inc.), Stonehillian Music (ASCAP) and Tom
Howard Music (ASCAP)
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