Autor: Randy Stonehill  |  Album: Love Beyond Reason  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. When I was a little boy
I'd wake up on a Sunday morning
And here the ringing of the bells
And I remember how good it made me
feel inside
It was like the Lord was saying "Good
morning, all is well"
And I'd get dressed in a hurry
And say "Mama can you take me
To where they're ringing the bells?"

C: Hear the ringing of the bells
Hear the ringing of the bells
Ain't it like a Voice that's calling
you home
After being gone so long
If you hear that ringing in your heart
Then you'll know where you belong

2. I spent my days at school
Chasing all those young man's dreams
Now we can fall under that spell
You'd best be mindful of what you keep
or leave behind
I turned to find I didn't know myself
so well
But I woke up one morning
And oh my heart was aching
I heard the ringing of the bells

C: I can hear them ringing
Ringing, ringing, ringing
I can hear them ringing in my soul

I: featured background vocalist:
Richie Furay
background vocals: Richie and Randy

Written and composed by Randy Stonehill
© 1985 Word Music (a division of Word,
Inc.) and Stonehillian Music (ASCAP)

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