The gods of men
Autor: Randy Stonehill  |  Album: Love Beyond Reason  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. I used to dream of being famous
Wanted my name to be a household
Well I thought that it would thrill me
Then I saw that it could kill me
Now it srikes me as a little absurd

And I used to dream of being
Don Juan
Of having all these pretty girls
on the line
It made a shambles of my life
So I found myself a wife
Who's a lover and a friend of mine

R: As the world keeps turning around
You either learn to bend with the Wind
or it knocks you down
Turn your back on the gods
of men
And the Lord who is true
Will give life back to you again

2. I used to dream of being a
rich man
yeah, I swore I'd have it all someday
Once you taste it you will find
That it isn't worth a dime
Till you're free enough to give
it away

And I used to dream of tasting
Wanted my enemies to crawl
and sweat
Well my happiness was drained
From reliving all the pain
Now I'm learning to forgive and forget

3. I used to dream of being the wanderer
With just my sneakers and my
old guitar
Well it got lonely right way
Now I'm happy just to play
With my daughter in my own backyard

And I used to dream of being
a hero
Yeah, I told myself I'd never fall down
But I couldn't take the strain
And Jesus is the name
Of the only hero I've ever found

I: featured background vocalist: Bryan
Duncan (appears courtesy of Light
background vocals: Bryan, Táta,
and Randy
sweaty, golden guitars: Danny Jacob

Written and composed by Randy Stonehill
© 1985 Word Music (a division of Word,
Inc.) and Stonehillian Music (ASCAP)
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