News for you
Autor: Randy Stonehill  |  Album: Welcome To Paradise  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. Everybody's going to the movies /
Everybody's leavin' for the show / Seems as
if we've lost the nerves for feeling / And no
one's in the mood to want to know

R: I've got news for you this is not a game /
I've got news for you are you Listenin' /
I've got news for you we are all the same /
And when that is understood we can start
to live again

2. Can you look inside yourself and tell me /
That your emptiness is just a state of mind /
And you'll feel better if you just keep busy
/ If you leave your feelings all behind

B: Oh start to live again / People people tell
me where have we been

3. Ever feel as if your heart was whispering /
Like a special Voice you never heard
before / And something deep inside your
soul was tickin' / As if someone was
pounding on the door

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