First prayer
Autor: Randy Stonehill  |  Album: Welcome To Paradise  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. I've been waitin' for a long long time /
Hopin' You're a friend of mine / If there's
one thing that I need to do / Well that's to
find out more about You / I have been
wondering all of my days / So if You're
there show me the way

2. I see people in a world of lies / Staring out
through lonely eyes / Watching as the
years go by / Knowing they're living only
to die / There must be something missing
somewhere / So if You're listening answer
this prayer

R: I will follow if You'll lead me / Help me
make a stand / If You'll breathe new breath
inside me / I'll believe you can/ I'll believe
You can

3. Well I never really learned to pray / But
You know what I'm tryin' to say / I don't
want my life to end / Not ever knowing
why it began / So if You'll trust me I'll do
my best / and I'll be trusting You for the

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