The Trial of Jesus
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Adaugata in 18/02/2006
After the blind were healed, and the crippled did walk,
Some men were jealous, and then there was talk.
This man, Jesus, the reason for fame?
The Son of God? What an outrageous claim!

He's just a man, watch him and know.
It's blasphemy, that's what! Arrest him! Now! Go!
Thirty pieces of silver bought Jesus that day.
Betrayed by a kiss, they took Him away!

They tried Him, they thought they had it down pat!
But some said He did this, others said He did that!
They finally agreed, they said with a nod.
He blasphemed when He said, He's the Son of God!

The custom of the day was to set someone free.
Pilate said, "This Jesus, is who it should be!"
The people said, "No, release Barabbas to us!"
They kept on until they raised quite a fuss!

The people, led by the chief priests that day,
Said, "Take this Jesus, and let's make him pay!"
He was dressed in purple, the color of kings.
They mocked Him and then, cast lots for His things!

They beat Him, spit on Him, everything they could do.
Put a crown of thorns on His head, pushed it down too!
They walked Him up the hill to Golgotha's top.
With His followers behind, crying, "Oh, no, please stop"!

There they nailed Him down to the cross.
Then they dropped the cross into a hole with a toss!
While He hung there hurting too much to think,
Then they gave Him vinegar to drink!

For hours He hung there,
The people stayed, too.
He said, "Father, forgive them,
They know not what they do!"

The sky got dark, the Temple veil tore in two.
Everyone was scared, didn't know what to do!
Some of the people ran away. Went somewhere to hide!
And there on the cross - the Son of God died!

Please don't forget, even for a moment, He is risen!!

How can we ever thank Him enough?
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