Autor: Sanctus Real  |  Album: Fight The Tide  |  Tematica: Încurajare
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1. True love exists yes I know this
My heart was waiting for you
And when we met I felt my chest
pound fast, racing for the chance
to know you, to hold you
To open up and show you
The way it feels when you know

R1: You are not alone
Know that I would fight the tides to be together
When you feel alone
Listen to this song to make your heart feel better

2. Two hearts entwined, yes, you are mine
And I'll be your's forever
I've done the math, I'm less than half
We're better off together
And I want you here by my side
As much as you are on my mind
When I'm gona you should no

R2: Rainy Mondays feel like Fridays
When you're smiling at me I can feel the space
Between us collapsing
Our love is everlasting

C: Listen to this song
Let it make your heart feel better

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