All that i need
Autor: Point of Grace  |  Album: Free to Fly  |  Tematica: Diverse
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Sometimes I know
You can read my mind
Deep down inside
Where my fears are hiding
Whisper so tender
The way that You do
There's a love that's forever
I've found in You

I know sometimes
I ask you for the moon
Reach for a star
And I long to hold You
How can this love be so simple for You
That you reach out and touch me
And suddenly I see


All that I need is You
Always forever with You
I feel Your love
And I realize
All I ever needed was You
Just You

Hey, You're all I ever needed

Once in a while
A dream will come true
A moment in time
Created by you
Things less important
Start falling away
There's a truth down inside me
And I hear my heart say


I remember a time
Love was so hard to find
I was never really satisfied
I needed what i just denied
Oh but now I see
So suddenly

All I ever needed was You
Just You
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