Free indeed
Autor: Point of Grace  |  Album: Free to Fly  |  Tematica: Diverse
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Can you think ok the way that we used to be
We were young full of hope and full of dreams
Look around what has happened in between
Living life can steal your hope away it seems

Dream again
Oh you're like a child who's waiting to become


The Son has come to free us
So set your eyes on Jesus
Your free now
To love as He has loved you
To live like He's among you
To dream now
Know that you are free indeed

When your world is a dark and a lonely place
Turn your eyes from yourself and seek His face
There's a hope in His open arms you'll find
And a peace that's gonna free your heart and mind

Breathe again
Oh, you're free to fly and young enough to run

*Repeat Chorus x2*

But for me to live as Christ
That would be no sacrifice
I freely give Him all my life

*Repeat Chorus x3*

You're free
You're free
You're free
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