God forbid
Autor: Point of Grace  |  Album: Life Love & Other Mysteries  |  Tematica: Diverse
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The more I know your
power, Lord / The more I'm mindful
/ How casually we speak and sing your
name / How often we have come to You / With
no fear or wonder / And called upon You only for
what we stand to gain / Chorus / God forbid, that I
find You so familiar / That I think of You as less than
who You are / God forbid, that I should speak of You at
all / Without a humble reverence in my heart / God for-
bid / Lord, I often talk about Your love and mercy / How
it seems to me Your goodness has no end / It frightens
me to think that I could take You for granted / Though
You're closer than a brother / You're more than just
my friend / Chorus / You are Father, God Almighty /
Lord of Lords, You're King of Kings / Beyond my
understanding / No less than everything /
Chorus / God forbid / God forbid
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