Leaves or Sheaves ?
Autor: Barney E. Warren  |  Album: Album necunoscut  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. He that goeth forth with yearning heart,
Bearing seeds to hill and plain,
In the coming harvest hath a part,
Bringing in the golden grain.

R: Soon we’ll go to our reward,
Meet our Savior, Judge, and Lord;
Shall we come with only leaves,
When the fields are full of sheaves?

2. He that goeth forth in shade or shine,
Heeding not the winds that blow;
Christ to Him will say, “You, reaper Mine,
To the Harvest Home may go.”

3. He that goeth forth with weary feet,
Toiling in the heat of day,
Shall have rest eternal, pure and sweet,
At the ending of life’s way.

4. He that goeth forth with weeping sad,
Shall not bring but withered leaves:
For reward of service he’ll be glad,
When he comes with golden sheaves.
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