Are you still captive?
Autor: George Cornici  |  Album: La umbra harului  |  Tematica: Diverse
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Are you still captive in the cloud of lies
Not being able to see the wonderful skies?
What’s left in you? Just the desire to cry?
Stand in front of the mirror! Give a reply!

Your uneasiness is putting pressure on you
You don’t even know what you are going through
The feeling is strong, you just want to know
If you are as cold as a ball of snow.

Then tears are running down on your face
As it is hard to find a convenient place
All sentiments are telling the same story
But you don’t know why you are so sorry.

The mountain of confusion is bigger and bigger
And all that another illusion will trigger
Running away, of course, is not the solution
But listen to us: change the institution.

Right now it’s giving you those kinds of foods
That no godly expressions it includes
Only the stories learned from your mother
Will bring in your hart a heavenly color.

Remember, years ago, she gave you a book
(And you noticed, at that time, her deep look)
It’s covered now with forgetfulness and dust
But for your recovery it is a MUST.

So, to get rid of your captivity
Let the transforming Words make you free
And the advice is not to be thrown away
But followed, faithfully, every single day.

George Cornici/9 Sept. 2020
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