The Big One
Autor: James A. Kisner  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
He loved to fish he loved to hunt he loved his rods and gun,
To him the greatest joy in life was doing this for fun.
He loved his wife and family and he always put them first,
But his dream to bag the big one was his constant thirst.

Others have a passion for the pleasures and their joys,
But nothing can compare to when your hunting with the boys.
Tramping through the woods it just seems all the world is right,
And sharing all the hunting stories at the campfire site.

Talking of the big one that you saw that got away,
Or maybe telling of the way you bagged the one that day.
Talking of tomorrow as the evening passes by,
Things that you won't do again and new things you will try.

Sitting by the campfire as you reminese a story,
Just enjoying nature in it's splendor and it's glory.
Sharing the adventure with your friends that love it too,
And listening to their own adventures that they're telling you.

Nothing in the world you do can ever match with this,
Unless it is your other passion when you go to fish.
Fishing is a different love that is among your ranks,
In a boat that's trawling or if casting from the banks.

Fishing is another passion and another time,
But always looking for the big one even on a line.
Different campfire different stories on a different day,
But outdoors is the only place that makes you feel this way.

Many people find enjoyment doing what they wish,
But to some it can't get better than to hunt and fish.
I know if there's a heaven when they reach the great beyond,
I know it's very wooded and within a well stocked pond.

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