The First Christmas Eve
Autor: James A. Kisner  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
In 1 BC a call to arms,
was issued through the land.
We have to strengthen up out force,
and get a battle plan.

We fought some battles in the past,
but never have we met.
A force as strong as this one is,
the stage is almost set.

We may not be as powerful,
as this new driving force.
We have to change out strategy,
and take a different course.

You know we're strong and powerful,
as all of you can see.
But we may find it difficult,
to gain a victory.

I've cast my shadow on you,
to dispel all of your fears.
But one thing said the leader,
"This war will rage on for years."

The odds are set against us,
but the victory can be mine.
We need to take some prisoners,
one person at a time.

You're going up against a force,
to fight forevermore.
Satan said he called,
his demons forth to war.

I've given you the evil force,
tomorrow you will leave.
Satan told his demons,
on the night of Christmas Eve.

Then Satan started quivering,
and he began to mourn.
Because he knew upon the earth,
The Christ Child would be born.

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