Autor: James A. Kisner  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
She is so very beautiful her love is from within,
How can I praise this special woman, where do I begin?
She always knows just what to say and what I need to hear,
And when I need that special someone she is always near.

She always knows just what to do when I am feeling lost,
Her kindness and compassion comes without a hidden cost.
Unselfishly she shares her love and asks none in return,
Love that's unconditional from her is what I've learned.

She stands so tall and elegant a goddess in my eyes,
The older that I get it seems the more I realize,
How very wise and understanding she has always been,
And now I understand that she has been my dearest friend.

She always gives and never asks to receive in return,
And many times I thought the way I acted just might ruin,
The bond we have created or the closeness that has grown,
But she is always there for me I never am alone.

There are some times we've disagreed and I felt we would part,
But always she was waiting for me with a loving heart.
Forgiving all my attitudes and loving me for me,
Looking way beyond the things that other people see.

Even when I make mistakes I know that she will say,
Gone are yesterday's mistakes, this is a brand new day.
No matter if I still rebel or her advice I spurn,
She says experience is not the only way to learn.

When I am up and all is great she shares my happiness,
But when my world comes crashing down she also shares in this.
She always has a word to say about what I should do,
But right or wrong she never says the dreaded, 'I told you.'

I understand the force behind her love on Mother's Day,
Advice that she has given me has helped me find my way.
I try with all my heart to love unselfish like my mother,
But on this day she needs to know how much I really love her.

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Neemia 9:17 n-au vrut să asculte şi au dat uitării minunile pe care le făcuseşi pentru ei. Şi-au înţepenit grumazul şi, în răzvrătirea lor, şi-au pus o căpetenie ca să se întoarcă în robia lor. Dar Tu, Tu eşti un Dumnezeu gata să ierţi, îndurător şi milostiv, încet la mânie şi bogat în bunătate. Şi nu i-ai părăsit