Its Me, My Love
Autor: Melissa Sanders  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
Here I am my darling, it is just me,
I am the One who died to set you free.
I’ve waited so long for your attention,
For your returned love and adoration.
Friendship I gave, for you, I was concerned,
How I yearn for these things to be returned.

I’ve loved you faithfully starting at birth,
And will continue till you leave this earth.
I’ve waited for you to make me first place;
For you to diligently seek my face.
I love and care much about you, my dove,
I came down to die from Heaven above.

I lived out a perfect life here on Earth,
To get your attention; to show your worth.
Oh how I pray this one thing you will see:
You’re worth more than my own life is to me.
I gave my life freely, for you, I came,
Please open your heart for I play no game.

I hung on a cruel cross, writhing in pain,
In front of the world, so your love I’d gain.
I took all your sin upon my shoulders,
Its weight much heavier than huge boulders.
My love, it’s for you that I died this way
So you could be free and in Heaven stay.

Come to me now, I’m patiently waiting,
It’s not you, but your sin I’m debating.
I extend to you my own blood stained hand,
Pierced in love for you, through God’s saving plan.
Please take me now, as your Lord and Savior,
Gain eternal life and God’s sweet favor.
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