Autor: Melissa Sanders  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
Into the future He looked with deep stare,
Right now in my mind, I can see Him there.
His thoughts to the future sins of man kind
As blood ran to His eyes He became blind.

For He was beat with a shard bearing belt,
It ripped off His flesh, each hit deeply felt.
They beat on His back, His sides and His chest,
His legs and His arms, Yes, this was love's quest.

His body so beaten, down to the bone
But still on His face, love openly shown.
Blows of that belt made His body shudder
Yet never a word did Jesus utter.

Thoughts of humanity; our sins to come
Though He has been tortured, I sit here numb.
For I see Him hanging there on His Cross,
Mangled and bloody, He's weak from blood loss.

His shoulders, out of joint, cannot support
His body's weight but still the guards retort;
Hold yourself up straight, You filthy, low king!
For You are royalty, You nasty thing!

His head is turned back, I sit here and see
His beard's been pulled out, His eyes fixed on me.
The love on His face is clearly now seen
I can't help but hear the crowd's loud scream.

They shout and they spit on Him hanging there
But all the while His life He'll not spare
For each of them, and for others to come
He'll cover their sins. I still sit here numb.

It's then that I realize, this was for me
And for each one that will openly see
That His blood was shed for our forgiveness
We've only to believe in His goodness.

With one thing to do, I call on His name
I realize that it is so simple and plain.
I've only to believe in what He gave,
It's then that from my sins I will be saved.

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