Seeds of Light (101-104); February 19, 2021
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Seeds of Light (101-104); February 19,2021

   101. God is silent because He knows the Truth, He is the Truth. He has revealed himself through His Son and continues to manifest Himself in the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. He appears to be absent to many of us, especially when we are not ready to receive Him, to see His divine manifestations. The blessed ones, who have seen God, have seen only the shadows of His glory. No one can see God in His full glory and manifestations and continue to live.

   102. Oh, oceanic vision of God! We have seen that when you are furious, the waves of your face tremble of trouble. But soon the struggle within yourself ceases like a tempest after a summer rain, and we can watch again the heavens open and reflected on your melted waves, and your shining face receives the image of that pacific calm and serenity that even the precious stones dream to have. Perhaps in your inner’s mirror, even God sometimes descends from the heavens to see His invisible face.

   103. Oh, God, be merciful and forgive this adulterous generation. In our foolishness we have endeavored to destroy temples made by human hands, believing that you are there. And when everything became like a desolate wilderness, then we attempted to destroy your holy image within us only to test you and see how you would react to our childish daring. You were wise, oh God, from the beginning, when you let us free to see with our own eyes how vain and foolish our thoughts without your council are. God reconcile us again to you, so that when we finish destroying all the temples made by human hands believing that you are there we may not destroy even our souls’ temples!

   104. The attempts of mankind of all times to install on earth universal peace and unity have collapsed because we have not yet worshiped the same God. As long as the Lamb of Love had not been in our midst, as the focus of our goals, all of our actions ended up in idolatry. We have worshiped foreign gods and therefore our love and obedience have finally succumbed under the scepter of many kinds of tyranny. Thus, every step was a step further to separate one from one another, from your chosen flock. And the mother of darkness has woven shining vestments while our shepherds were wolves in the skin of sheep. To let people crawl under your feet without hope, to eat the bread of their bodies, or to drink their tears of blood from cups without bottoms, this is in fact the same dissimulated cannibalism that had devoured the entire history. When Christ has come among us, he was righteous and full of love and compassion accepting the same destiny of mortals like us. He has rejected the throne of a golden calf that we already have carved in our feeble minds, offering to us the first chance of a free light to shine within us and upon us. And raising up the banner of Thy victory you gave us the power to believe that coming to your light we will never remain in our darkness, and we finally gained that freedom and grace not to choose to sacrifice our neighbor in order for us to live. For you, Son of God, offered yourself as a living sacrifice and as an example so that we may also understand the truth in the fullness of its mystery: You had the power to give life and still you accepted to die for us so that we may also have a new life within us and in your kingdom forever.


Cu adevărat „semințe de lumină”, chiar dacă nu înțelegem desăvârșit limba engleză, în figuri de stil sau în lucruri de profunzime.....
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