Seeds of Light (61-70) June 12, 2020
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Seeds of Light (61-70) June 12,2020

61. The shining stone given by Christ to those who conquer the death can be seen only after one has received and perceived a ray of light from that shining stone. There is so much darkness in the world and within us that not only the fullness of the sun but even a small seed of light from a candle can dispel the density of that darkness. For those who are under the fullness of the sun there is no longer darkness within. They have seen the glory of the Lord.

62. One day, we may look on for another, and we may not find each other in this world. Blessed are those who believe and hope that someday they may meet again in the kingdom of God.

63. We rather use our neighbor than loving him. It is the hiatus which separates those who choose “to have” instead of “to be”. We are born selfish, but we should not remain so. Otherwise, we will cease to exist, to be, before our own death. To be, however, is to exist forever in the memory of God, in the book of Life.

64. God still speaks to us from the cloud of unknown. Sometimes, He pours his rain of grace and the wasteland blossoms. When we observe the buds bursting from under the dead bark, the spring should be somewhere nearby, under the cloud of unknown.

65. Jesus did not come in this world to build another temple made by human hands. Rather, he came to offer the temple of his body as a holy and living sacrifice for the life of the world.

66. Perhaps one day the earth and heavens will be rolled down like a scroll, so we can read on that scroll the unspoken words of the living God. On the words of that scroll we may read and witness the true presence of the Word.

67. The ecstasy of prophecy is that majestic dance of a beautiful butterfly around the flame of inspiration. God may blind us for a while, our wings may be burned sometimes by going too close to that flame, but there is not another better way for Him to show us the shinning golden gardens of his glory. Only in the elated yet irenic procession through the wilderness it is given to the saints to drink the holy water from the eternal fountain of life.

68. In the world, there are nights of inexplicable darkness, nights of agony and tribulations. Jesus prevented us of such occurrences. The apostles have also revealed that such tribulations are the fire necessary to refine the gold from the dust, to let the light shine forth from the not yet revealed mystery into the world, to give to man the vision and the chance to see through the eyes of God. It is, however, difficult to explain and accept all the trials of suffering. Hell is suffering too. There is suffering which brings desolation, yet the suffering of the cross is the only way to salvation. If there have been another way, the Father would have chosen that for His only-begotten Son.

69. My Lord, the thieves have robbed the house of my soul. They took all of my treasures away. The jewels of many years of struggle and good deeds, of trade, of the cold winds of vanity of my will to prosper. I was never so poor like I am now, a beggar of light. I do not even afford a place where to put my head. But, behold, a final soothing question has come to my mind. Perhaps now, you, my Lord, might have a suitable room for me, in your and our Father’s house.

70. In our journey through this world we may have seen many kinds of building projects. There are some that are building the tower of Babel. There are some that endeavor to remain only a small stone in the living temple of God. Apparently, those who commit themselves to the matters of this world are advancing, are ahead in this world. Only to realize at the end that the tower they are building has the foundation on drifting sand, not on the solid rock.


Wonderful and true!
„To be, however, is to exist forever in the memory of God, in the book of Life.” And in the great heart of God and in the garden of Heaven, too.
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