Baby Steps of Obedience
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Baby Steps of Obedience

A few days ago I began sending out messages from my devotional book "A Closer Walk - Volume One." I plan to do this for the next few months while I prepare for the next volume of this book series. I would like to develop a more permanent archive of messages that could be distributed for many years and translated into many other languages. I would even like to begin posting audio messages on the web and then distribute CD's of devotional readings. But this means I need to stop changing and editing past messages - and this is harder than you might think.

It was difficult to send the messages this week because they didn't fully represent my heart. My messages have always been very personal, almost like we were walking together with my heart opened for all to see. But these messages were last distributed 18 months ago - and, this week, my heart was struggling. Maybe that was God's plan in having me send out these old messages...I probably needed to read them more than anyone.

Early in the week I faced what I call a crisis of obedience. For the last year I've been praying hard for God to tell me what He wanted me to do. I thought I had clear direction for the next several steps; but after obediently taking the first step, I found the second step was not part of God's plan. This led to great frustration and discouragement; "But God, my bags are packed, my heart is prepared, I'm ready to step out and follow, I ..." Then came the message "Only One is Needed" where we see Jesus telling us to choose that which is better - worshiping at His feet. And then the message "New Every Morning" where we were reminded of the magnitude of Christ's love and how we are called to keep our love for Him fresh.

Through these messages God told me, "Steve, I want from you the same thing I've always wanted; I want you to worship Me and allow your ministry to flow freely out of this worship." Forgive me Lord, I was trying to be obedient to MY plan. True obedience must be continually focused on You, and be complete!

Philippians 2:8
"And being found in appearance as a man, He {Jesus} humbled Himself and became obedient to death - even death on a cross!"

Jesus had no personal agenda to fulfill, no plan that He thought would please His Father. He simply placed His life in His Father's hands and obediently followed ALL the way.

Let's be careful anytime we think we can see very far down God's path. God's plan is GOD'S plan and He generally only reveals one step at a time. I've recovered from my "crisis." God has re-taught me some of His unchanging truths. I have a long way to go to learn the obedience of Christ, but I've recommitted to daily taking baby steps of obedience.

Have A Great Day!
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