Open heaven... the heaven within us
Autor: Alexandru Marius  |  Album: Devotional  |  Tematica: Diverse
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Open heaven… the heaven within us


I do not know if in some magic night the heaven opens and the fairies descend to us to give flowers perfume, to bring wealth and fertility or to give healing power to the plants... but I know that for us the heaven was opened once and for all, and remains open to any prayer raised with faith at dawn, to every song of praise and joy in the middle of the day, or to every cry and tear sometimes in the darkest nights. I know that He came down to us, The Son of God, gave His Life for us, gave the color and perfume to the flowers, brought liberation, freedom, healing, peace. He was reconciling the world to Himself. For us the heaven is eternally open, even more, we are carrying the heaven within us. When we say a word of encouragement when we erase a tear and we cry with those crying when we spread around smiles when we help when we forgive when we love... we open heaven for others... the heaven within us.


Marius Alexandru
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