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I Know Hes Mine
Autor: Johnson Oatman, Jr.  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Resursa adaugata de Aleee in 11/10/2007
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1. There’s One above all earthly friends
Whose love all earthly love transcends,
It is my Lord and Christ divine,
My Lord because I know He’s mine.

R: I know He’s mine, this Friend so dear,
He lives with me, He’s ever near;
Ten thousand charms around Him shine,
And, best of all, I know He’s mine.

2. He’s mine because He died for me,
He saved my soul, He set me free;
With joy I worship at His shrine
And cry, "Praise God, I know He’s mine."

3. He’s mine because He’s in my heart,
And ne’er will I let Him depart;
Just as the branch is to the vine
I’m joined to Christ; I know He’s mine.

4. Someday upon the streets of gold
Mine eyes His glory shall behold,
Then, while His arms around me twine,
I’ll cry for joy, "I know He’s mine."

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