Holy Fellowship
Autor: Daniel S. Warner  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
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1. Sweet fellowship, thy crystal tide,
Flows joyful in our souls;
Baptized in one, naught can divide,
While heav’nly peace controls.

R: O brethren, how our spirits blend
In fellowship so dear;
Though sundered far by God’s command,
We feel you still so near.

2. God over all, and through us all,
In floods of blissful light,
Is fellowship in every soul
That’s pure in heaven’s sight.

3. O fellowship, my brethren dear,
In bonds of perfect love;
How blest the seal of union here
With all the saints above!

4. This fellowship with Father, Son,
And all who love the Lord,
Is heaven here on earth begun,
’Tis Paradise restored.

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