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He Is Waiting for Me
Autor: Joel A. Erickson  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Resursa adaugata de Aleee in 05/10/2007
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1. Dear friends, listen, let me tell you,
If I but could portray
What a vision thrills my being
As I walk on this way:
There before me in such glory,
In such brightness, I see,
Stands a Bridegroom, blessed Bridegroom,
And He’s waiting for me!

R: He is waiting, He is waiting
At the end of the way,
"I am coming, I am coming,"
With what joy I do say;
He is waiting, He is waiting
In such splendor, I see—
Hallelujah! for my Bridegroom
Is there waiting for me!

2. He is fairer than the lilies,
Brighter far than the sun,
He is chief among ten thousand,
Yes, my heart He has won!
I am wholly His forever,
Yes, through eternity—
For the Bridegroom, yes, my Bridegroom,
Is now waiting for me!

3. Care I any if my journey
May now seem rough and long?
Nay—His glory lights my pathway,
And His smile brings a song;
Yes, these clouds and thorns and boulders,
Oh, how small they will be
When I reach my one Beloved,
Who is waiting for me!

4. I am coming, I am coming,
I will never say nay,
For His beauty fills my being,
Lost in love, I’ll obey;
What a vision, what a rapture,
What a glory I see—
There before me waits my Bridegroom,
Yes, He’s waiting for me!

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