Your Touch
Autor: Kutless  |  Album: Kutless  |  Tematica: Diverse
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Staring at a blank wall and it's white washed face
Not knowing why i had to choose this way
I decern i was wrong in my way
Looking for peace in another, another domain

C: And i realize that it's true I seek you
I relize that it's true i need you
And i reach out and i touch you and i know that i need You
To reach out and to touch me and i know
I know that i need your touch

Not knowing why i ever retreated from Your arms
A mistake i made
Now oh Lord i feel Your warm embrace, contentment
Fills my soul as joy lights my face

(whisper) You look into the sky
and see His arms if love reaching out for you
His arms of love and grace
And you know you need Him, you need his touch

I need your, i need your..... TOUCH

(rap) i was lost but now ï'm found...

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