A crown over there
Autor: Barney E. Warren  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 13/08/2007
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1. Shall I wear that bright crown God has offered to me,
When my life shall have come to a close?
Oh, how happy I’ll be when my spirit is free,
Over there in such blissful repose.

R: Yes, I will wear a crown over there, over there,
Yes, I will wear a crown over there;
When my toiling is o’er I shall rest evermore,
In that home He has gone to prepare.

2. Shall I trust Him alway? Yes, the promise is mine,
"Be thou faithful, my child, unto death,
And I’ll give thee a crown which forever shall shine,
Endless life at thy last, fleeting breath."

3. Let my anchor be grounded so deep in the Rock,
Till the storms of this life all are past,
That I’ll firmly endure on the promise secure,
Till He brings me to glory at last.

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