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Pain and grief
Autor: Unknown author  |  Album: Unknown album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 01/12/2006
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1. Pain and grief and poverty still in
Bitterness and anxiety, the sin
Draw me down in the mud again;
Darkness and the lonelieness brake in
In my heart now I'm a part from Him
I am crawling and I fell the shame;
But I find His hand again.

R: /: Carry me through,Jesus. :/ x6

2. I can fell the heavy chain on me
I am cold and shuddering: Oh Je'
I am crying: Jesus save, save me!
Then a love I never felt before
Lifts me up and give me strenght and more
Then I hear: I'll never let you go!
I thank you my sweet Jesus for making me
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