Autor: Tait  |  Album: Empty  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 14/11/2006
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1. She's a wreck
Fragile and scarred
Life is work and living is hard
She's tired of the pain, tired of the fix
She's tired of the games and the politics

B: She's running on empty
She wants an alternate ending

2. And she's falling
She's falling in love with You
She's so hopeless
She's hopelessly drawn to You

3. She can feel the weight of the past
It drags her down but she's fighting back
She wants to fly far away from here
She wants a God that won't disappear

B: She's all out of chances
She is looking for answers

4. The sun is on the rise
New days coming
You see it in her eyes
She's runnin'
Head long into the light
Let the new day come

5. The sun is rising in her eyes
Hold on, the day will come
Love is waiting
Running to the light
Hold on, the day will come
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