Though the fig tree
Autor: Dan­i­el B. Town­er  |  Album: Unknown album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 29/11/2005
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1. Though the fig tree shall not blossom,
Neither fruit be in the vine:
Though in vain the olive labors,
And the fruitful fields decline:

R: I will rejoice in the Lord, my Redeemer,
Joyful I’ll trust Him, for He will provide,
Giving me all that I need for my journey;
I will not fear, for He walks by my side.

2. Though no flocks are in the sheepfold,
Neither cattle in the stalls:
Though the earth is filled with famine,
And no rain from heaven falls:

3. Though my path lies through the valley
Of the shadows, He is near,
For His rod and staff they comfort,
And no evil I shall fear.

4. Though my friends should not receive Him,
Or through sin should prove untrue:
Though the wicked should entice me,
And should persecute me, too:
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