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Jesus in you
Autor: Twila Paris  |  Album: Where I Stand  |  Tematica: Încurajare
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I: "This song is inspired by and dedicated to the King's Kids of YWAM Arkansas who consistently remind me that God will always do great things through the energy and innoncence of a young heart that is given completely to Him." --Twila Paris

1. The eyes are young
I won't deny it
But oh, the dream of tender youth
The seed is small
Do not despise it
Put on the robe and speak the truth
'Cause the only thing that matters
When the day has turned to night
Is a heart that knows the wonder
Of the mercy and the light

R: I can see Jesus in You
I see His love on your face
Go in His name
And do all He commands you to do
I see Jesus in you

2. He brought you here
To build the kingdom
I see it burning in your eyes
The time is near
You must be ready
Do not be tempted by the lies
There is nothing that can hold you back
The wind has found the flame
You are called and you are chosen
You will never be the same

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