Daughter of grace
Autor: Twila Paris  |  Album: True North  |  Tematica: Evanghelizare
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1. She went down so low, thought she'd never
ever find the surface again
Went so far astray thought she'd never find her
way back home
Hated to think about the past
almost as much as
She hated to think about the future
She sat down inside to wait, to rest her mind a while
No use trying to fight with fate or fake a smile
There she found the end of herself
Heard a small voice crying for help
And she was

R: Carried in the arms of love and mercy
Breathing in a second wind
Shining with the light of each new morning
Looking into hope again
Unable to take another step
Finally ready to begin
Born for a second time in a brand new place
Daughter of grace

2. She spent half her life working hard to be
someone you had to admire
Met the expectations and added something of her own
So proud of all that she had done
Where was the glory?
So proud at all she had not done
Til she knelt beneath a wall that will could never scale
Broken and discovering that she could fail
There she found the end of herself
Heard her own voice crying for help
And she was

C: Grace is there for everyone
Grace is always free
We must all depend on grace
Especially me, especially me
I have been

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