I choose grace
Autor: Twila Paris  |  Album: True North  |  Tematica: Îndemnuri
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1. All alone in my own self will
Old familiar story
So determined to try until I fail
You've been waiting as I learn again
Straining to the pressure
And you offer me a better way
Hear me pray
Hear me say

R: I choose grace, I choose mercy
I choose love and all it means
I choose grace, cause I need the power
And I need to walk in humility

2. Just how often have I let You down
And all the hope around me
Break a gentle heart along with mine
You keep holding out Your arms again
Just the way you found me
And you carry me across another line
Hear me cry
No more pride

C: I am growing weary of this foolish independence
I reach out for grace and I will reach out to extend it
I will reach out
I will reach out
I will reach out
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