With you
Autor: Vestel Goodman  |  Album: Vestal and Friends  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
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1. When I close my eyes, I still remember
That old tent revival where I met you
We've traveled many roads since then together
And I wouldn't change one moment
(If you asked me to)

R: I couldn't have made this journey without you
There's been many times your love has
Brought me through
We've been down the road of life together
Yes, we've gone a mile or two
But I couldn't have made this journey without you

B: No, I wouldn't have made this journey
I'm glad I made this journey
With you

2. Side by side we have crossed each bridge together
Hand in hand we have made it by His grace
Through the years, your strength has been my companion
There is no one that could ever take your place

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