Autor: Newsboys  |  Album: Step Up To The Microphone  |  Tematica: Diverse
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(Furler, Joel, Frankenstein)
walk into the sunlight so bright
illumination blocking out the night
she knows that the promises are airtight
there's no doubt and you can see it in her eyes

you'll hear her singing to heaven -
even without letting out a word to be heard
in every single situation (none too big - none too small)
she looks up and the world looks on

she sings hallelujah
when all has become nothing
her hope the savior, has colored all she does
and taints the way she loves
she sings hallelujah, and falls to the ground again
with hands stretched up to the sky
waiting for the day, she'll hear the father say...

step into the spotlight - so bright
a character check in the dead of night
to cut the stays of reason, till death defy
all understanding in the neighbour's eye
to run the race like this day's the last
celebrate, in all we do and all we say
look up - 'cause the world looks on

we sing hallelujah
when all has become nothing
our hope in the savior, has covered all we do
let it be for you
we'll sing hallelujah, and fall to the ground again
with hands stretched up to the sky
we're waiting for the day, we'll hear the father say
yeah to hear him say
"Well done, good and faithful one
enter in, come on share with me
welome home, good and faithful one
on and on to eternity"

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