What is what are looking for ?
Autor: M.S.Lowndes  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Resursa adaugata de cristianusz in 11/08/2007
So often we try to fill the void
With what the world provides
In hope that we will find contentment
For our dreary, empty lives
But listen my friend it’s only temporary
And is like chasing the wind
The things of the world simply won’t fulfil
The unhappiness we have within

We mustn’t look for our fulfilment
In pleasures that won’t satisfy
For we can never fulfil what’s lacking
Unless Christ comes inside
For God has created us to need Him
And fills us with His love
So we won’t need more worldly things
Nor crave for ungodly stuff

We need to stop and ask ourselves
What is it we’re looking for?
And can we truly be fulfilled
If we don’t allow the Lord
To come inside and bring the change
That’s needed in our lives
So we will find that true happiness
Is only found in Christ
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