Works and Days*
Autor: Marin Mihalache  |  Album: Homo Liturgicus  |  Tematica: Diverse
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Alone, without You
Wandering surreptitiously
In the night of Sheol
In the shadows of Hades
The departed were there
Laboring, sweating in vain
Lazarus is tormented
By the fire from thirst
Begging a drop water
Jacob is wrestling
With angels in night
Until the day breaking
Tantalus digs in the dust
At the foot of mountain
The vulture is devouring
Valiant Prometheus liver
Sisyphus rolling rocks
To the top of mountain
Ixion whirling ceaselessly
Into the vortex vertigo
Around his own selfish ego
Danaids is carrying
Jugs of rancid water
Into a bottomless gorge.
Man is not yet persuaded
Some will not believe
Even if the prophet
Cries in the wilderness
Even if the Son of Man
Rises again from the dead.

* The „Works and Days” is one the most ancient religious and moral poem written by the Greek poet Hesiod around 700 BC. The poem describes the toil and pain which define the human condition without God, and include the well known myths of Prometheus and Pandora.

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