It's Christmas time
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It's Christmas time, the most beautiful holiday
It is time for music, it is time for play.
Play of snowflakes, here and there
Play of the children from everywhere.
Everywhere Santa is sharing toys
Everywhere Santa is sharing joys
Joys and happiness
Joys and soul peace.
Peace from above, heavenly one
Peace brought to us by Jesus, the Son
Son of God and Son of Man
Son born in Bethlehem according to a plan
Plan of salvation, plan full of grace
Plan performed here, in this very place
Place visited by shepherds and by angels
Place visited by Magi, the eastern strangers
Strangers in the world, aliens on the Earth
Strangers are we all like Jesus at His birth.
Birth and life, death and ressurection
Birth and Ascension are proves of God's affection.
Affection for the whole human race
Affection mixed with charming divine grace.
Grace, mercy and peace from Jesus our Savior
Grace, saved by grace from our bad behavior
Behavior and sinful nature
Behavior typical to human creature.
Creature with inclinations to scrimmage
Creature made by God in His own image
Image full of beauty, image of perfection
Image received by man at Creation
Creation, rebellion then Abel's blood
Creation followed by a world flood.
Flood and destruction, olive branch and dove
Flood and eight souls saved by God's love.
Love, sacrifice and fully paid bill
Love revealed completely on Calvary Hill
Hill of the Skull, the place where Jesus died
Hill of the pain where Christ was crucified.
Crucified by Romans in the past
Crucified for our sins at last.
Last but not least for the sinners who were in danger
Last but not least Jesus, the baby was born in a manger
Manger, a poor stable in a building wing
Manger, only a manger for our beloved King?
King of kings and Lord of lords
King is the Word in the world of the words.
Words of gratitude for Chrismas days
Words of forgiveness and bright sun rays

Notă: Poezia aceasta am publicat-o in anul 2017 pe situl www. poetrysoup. com si a fost scrisa in asa numita formă "blitz poem", o forma poetica foarte dificila din punct de vedere al compozitiei. Initial poezia a fost publicata sub titlul " Play of words".
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