There in the hills
Autor: Anonim  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 22/02/2006
As I stood at the edge of the waterfall,
On a brilliant fall afternoon,
The gorge was aflame with color,
That will be fading all too soon.

People had come from near and far,
To see this glorious sight,
Nature in all her splendor,
Showed a kaleidoscope of light.

My words could not do justice,
To this beauty You have shown,
With majestic trees standing proudly,
As if guarding Your heavenly throne.

I could see Your touch in the water,
With its rapids rushing along,
As it cascaded over the brim,
I could hear the angel's song.

Seagulls appeared as soaring doves,
Spiraling through the sky,
And from the delicate mist that rose,
Rainbows caught my eye.

Looking beyond the great chasm,
To the hills that framed this view,
Pure white clouds formed a billowing robe,
So clearly, that's when I saw You.

Standing there with Your arms spread wide,
On Your face a hint of a smile,
Amazing the world with what You had done,
Showing off Your flair and Your style.

And once again You had helped me to see,
What too often I tend to ignore,
Leaving me filled with an inner peace,
I will cherish forevermore.

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