The Friend Of Mine
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Adaugata in 22/02/2006
Sure, your friends and family are special people in your lives, but not as special as this friend of mine I'm fixing to introduce you to. At one time or another, your family and friends will let you down in some way, but not this friend of mine. He will NEVER let you down.

Here a good while back, I met someone really special to me.
He's like no other friend you will ever meet, in this poem you will see.

He's alway's here for me in the morning, noon and night.
When troubles and dangers arise, I have no reason for fright.

This friend of mine never puts me down when I do wrong.
He just encourges me to go on, and remain strong.

When I do wrong, He tells me to ask forgiveness of my sin.
When I do this, He say's I am forgiven, and He'll look at me and grin.

My friend loves for me to talk to Him, the best part is, He does listen.
On day's I don't talk to Him, He will tell me, my talks, He's been missin'.

You'll never believe just how sweet, true and compassionate He is.
My heart just melts when I hear Him say that I am His.

There was even a time that I had actually 'sorta left Him behind.
You wouldn't believe that when I called on Him, He was still just as kind.

He said He has always been here, just waiting on me to call on His name.
When I did this, my heart was lighter, it just wasn't the same.

This friend of mine even died a cruel death for you, and dirty ole' me.
He did this for us, so that from eternal death, we could be set free.

Oh don't cry now, He did die, but He is alive and well today.
He is with God His Father, and I too will be with them one day.

This friend I'm talking about is none other than Jesus Christ.
The first step in knowing Him is asking Him into your heart and life.

There's another way you can get to know Him even better.
You can do this by getting a bible, and read His love letter.

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